Social media isn’t designed for marketing

There is no doubt a great social media marketing firm can help expand your reach and implement a winning strategy, HOWEVER there’s a reason you see so many major brands with large follower counts that rack up few engagements to show for it.

Want a job in TV? Step up your social media game

When I started working in TV it was made clear if you wanted to get your next job, or even your first break, “it’s all about your reel.” The game has changed.

Five ways to create more engaging social media content

To be taken seriously as a modern-day business, you must have a social media presence. But to leverage your social media following into a sales generating engine, it is vital to create consistently engaging content on your platforms of choice.

Five politicians (and wannabes) changing the social media game

We’ve put together a list of the top five politicians, and those who want to be one, who we think are using social media in new and innovative ways that are worth paying attention to. In short, they’re changing the political social media game so don’t be surprised if you see others attempting to replicate what they’re doing.

Five ways to make your social media videos not suck

A question – why is it so many major brands have cinematic quality social media videos, yet their rate of engagement is low? We know they have the budget and the resources to produce top tier content, yet all too often the videos they make still suck. It almost always comes down to one major reason: storytelling.

Five Facebook pages you need to follow today

In 2020, with 2.6 billion users, Facebook is still the juggernaut of social media. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five Facebook pages everyone should follow. Each of the five pages has been evaluated by the social media marketing experts at Five Seasons Media and given a grade between an F- and A+ based on five categories (we like the number five). To be clear, these pages aren’t perfect, and we’re not saying they’re the best of all time, but for a business looking to take the first steps at improving their Facebook page, there are lessons that can be learned by regularly monitoring each one.