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We are a rare commodity, real award-winning storytellers. No matter what your line of work, we’ll take your message and tell it in a unique way designed to compel prospective clients to engage with you.

Do you like watching ads? We didn’t think so. Your future customers don’t either. Don’t create a forgettable ad, tell a story. Our proprietary process is simple to understand and gets results but is nearly impossible to replicate. We’re committed to finding a solution to meet your social media needs.

A-list celebrity needs content for Snapchat show

How people consume visual content has changed quickly thanks to the advent of new platforms like Snapchat. And even major Hollywood studios are recognizing that in order to stay competitive they must have a top-tier social media game.

Problem: A major Hollywood studio was in need of unique video content, designed to tell an engaging story that would be used for a Snapchat show watched by millions of subscribers. They knew the scope of the project required the expertise of a special firm, so they called on Five Season Media to make their goals a reality.

Scope: Create and distribute visually stunning material in a tight deadline that could be used to produce a Snapchat show watched by millions.

Results: Video was gathered and released per the client’s specific and unique requests, all in a fast timeline. A memorable and highly engaging episode was released on Snapchat that has more than 2 million subscribers.

Client testimonial: “Five Seasons Media was great to work with and helped provide important content quickly that was vital for our show. We would highly recommend their services and would be happy to work with them again.” – Post Production Coordinator

National non-profit with low social media visibility

When social media platforms use advanced algorithms to identify and suppress solicitations and attempted efforts to organically advertise, even the best content may struggle to reach potential new followers and engage with existing ones.

Problem: A large, high-profile injured veterans national non-profit was struggling to make an impact on social media despite a rolodex of compelling stories, myriad A-list celebrity, world leader and professional sports team endorsements on nationally syndicated television networks and many other large social media accounts. Moreover, previous efforts at targeting potential donors through social media had led to little to no new leads.   

Scope: Audit the social media footprints of competitor organizations and exploit their digital weaknesses all the while raising the organization’s profile and reach. Create a content pipeline, which includes daily custom graphics, that uses Five Seasons Media’s intellectual property to leverage Facebook’s algorithm to limit content suppression issues. 

Results: In a 150 day period, reach was improved 8,900% (more than 1.1 million people), followers had increased 586%, and engagements jumped over 2,200% when compared to the previous 150 days. Nearly all of the posts put up did not utilize paid advertising (boost) dollars. Those that did, took advantage of Five Seasons Media’s advanced targeting system and expertise, resulting in thousands of unique clicks on their website’s donation page.

Client testimonial: “We are very pleased with the work Five Seasons Media has done for SoldierStrong and are happy to have them use us as a case study to showcase their impressive social media abilities. We highly recommend their services.” – President and CEO

First time political candidate seeks office for highly competitive position

High-profile political campaigns are expensive and all-to-often who wins is largely influenced by who raises the most money. Legacy campaigns, however, spend the funds needed to raise donor conversions and voter turnout ineffectively, with few, if any analytics to gage their impact. We provided a better, more fiscally effective, way forward.

Problem: A first time political candidate running for the mayor’s seat in Cedar Rapids, Iowa was faced with being out fundraised and challenged by three other opponents – including an incumbent competitor of the same political party, who was represented by one of the largest political firms in the state, and another backed by a national party’s mega-donor pipeline with a staff of seasoned beltway political operatives, all in a city where the majority of registered voters were not of the candidate’s same political party.

Scope: Audit the social media footprints of the candidate’s opponents and exploit their digital weaknesses all while increasing our client’s donations and growing their voter base. This is in addition to creating and implementing a custom earned media and content creation pipeline, which included daily custom graphics, video content creation, ad management and arranging for consistent positive coverage in the state’s most watched media outlets.

Results: In a four-way race, the candidate won in the second round of voting with 68% support. The client, moreover, created the largest social media following in the race across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. In the two-week period surrounding Election Day, the candidate, thanks to Five Seasons Media’s proprietary process and intellectual property, had racked up more than 100,000 YouTube views (the leading challenger had just over 1,000), had more than four times the level of engagement than their leading opponent on Facebook and had 50% more engagements per Instagram post than the same opponent too. The candidate had, furthermore, received more positive earned media than any other competitor in the race.

Client testimonial: “Five Seasons Media was instrumental in our landslide victory. Their social media, content creation and earned media strategy allowed us to more effectively stretch our dollar than our opposition and put our campaign in front of the voters we needed to turn up at the polls and those we needed to donate. I would highly recommend their services, they’re worth every penny.” – Candidate

Annual event needs increased brand awareness and consumer engagement

Keeping an annual event, that runs just five days a year, relevant and at the forefront of consumers’ minds all year round is no easy task without a strong content pipeline.

Problem: One of Iowa’s largest and most high-profile annual summer fairs was struggling to hold the attention of consumers and keep them engaged with their brand on social media beyond the few days of the year they were welcoming guests to their fairgrounds.

Scope: Audit the social media footprint of the fair, create custom content designed to increase organic reach and engagement that appeals to new consumers in eastern Iowa, provide management of their Facebook page, provide consultation to improve their earned media and Instagram strategy and generate earned media on local television during competitive and highly sought-after time slots.

Results: In only a year, and only targeting consumers in eastern Iowa, Five Seasons Media helped the fair’s Facebook page reach nearly 1 million people, grew their number of followers by just shy of 50% and increased their number of engagements by 102% compared to the previous year. Myriad earned media spots were also secured across eastern Iowa’s most watched outlets. Thousands of unique clicks were generated from the Facebook page to their website where concert tickets could be purchased.

Client testimonial: “Their team is very organized and communicates well — they go above and beyond to ensure we are always taken care of promptly… I’d advise customers to get to know Five Seasons Media’s team well so they can work with them personally and professionally.” – Office Manager

Chamber of Commerce in need of increased social media visibility

Unless you tell your story where your target audience lives online and create the content they crave, you can’t expect them to engage with your message or answer your call to action.

Problem: A Chamber of Commerce located in a rural, Midwest community was in need of raising their profile as a destination community.

Scope: Audit the social media footprint of the Chamber, create custom content, including long and short-form “reels-style” videos, designed to increase organic reach and engagement that would appeal to social media users in a nearby major metropolitan area, provide management of their Facebook and YouTube pages, and generate earned media in their target market across TV, print and radio.

Results: In only a four-month period, and only targeting consumers in a single metropolitan area, Five Seasons Media helped the Chamber reach nearly 100,000 people, grew their number of Facebook followers by nearly 100%, created videos that received hundreds of thousands of views and increased their number of engagements nearly 270% when compared to the previous four months. Myriad earned media spots were also secured in the targeted area’s most popular legacy media outlets.

Client testimonial: “Workflow was great. Very responsive to questions and always on time with delivery… Their creativity was fantastic. Very eye catching, very engaging. Their professionalism is unsurpassed and they are very open to discussing direction and process with you.” – Executive Director

Manufacturer with low video engagement

Everyone has a story and a need to step up their social media game, even a company that specializes in producing expensive heavy machinery.

Problem: Despite a Facebook following that included thousands of followers, and having created dozens of their own social media videos, the average piece of content made was only generating hundreds of views and had an inconsistent level of direct consumer interaction.

Scope: Create a video series designed to engage well on social media and provide consulting services to maximize digital impact.

Results: Average video received more than 49,000 views, likes, and shares. Video series turned into the most engaging content the client has created thus far on social media.

Client testimonial: “The knowledge (Five Seasons Media) has already shared with us alone has helped immensely! It can be tough to keep up with all the changing algorithms of social media. Additionally, if you need/ want to do great storytelling fast, Five Seasons is definitely an asset you should consider adding to your marketing budget.” – Marketing Manager

Realty firm looking to generate new sales leads

When you run a company in an industry where nearly everyone is doing the same thing on social media, doing something different with the right partner can help you stand out.

Problem: A realty firm was in need of a unique piece of content that would help their businesses stand out in a saturated social media market. The client also wanted the content made to increase their number of sales leads.

Scope: Create an anchor video that showed the homebuying process in a way that compelled people to watch it and engage with the business. Provide social media consulting to ensure the video reached a specific demographic of consumer living in a specific geographic area.

Results: The video resulted in a 15% increase in sales leads and raised brand awareness by racking up thousands of digital engagements.

Client testimonial: “I had a great experience with (Five Seasons Media) on creating a great real estate video for my business! (They’re) creative, professional and gets things done in a timely manner! Highly recommend!” – Realtor

Winery in need of increased sales

They key to organic growth in a social media campaign is to always deliver value. In this case, we leveraged the owner’s personal story to create an anchor video prospective clients felt compelled to share with others and moreover purchase their products.

Problem: Despite posting regularly scheduled content on their own Facebook page, the client had little, if any, ROI to show for their hard work.

Scope: Create an anchor video designed to increase sales that would reach a specific targeted age and geographic demographic and provide social media consulting services.

Results: Sales of wine and other products increased 550% in the following three weeks after the video was posted.

Client testimonial: “These guys are fantastic! They brought an amazing amount of knowledge and expertise to the material. The video they did for me received more shares in an hour than any other post I have done previously. The way they were able to put things together told me story in a better way than even I could have telling it myself. I would highly recommend them to any business! Not only could they jump start a business in the beginning stages they can help those who are well into their established business.” – Owner and CEO

Non-profit in need of more donations

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional methods of fundraising many non-profits had relied upon were no longer possible, or, were not yielding the same results. Those, however, who used social media as a means to fundraise were often rewarded for their efforts.

Problem: A non-profit organization had seen their donations dry up in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scope: Create an anchor video designed to compel people to donate to the client via Facebook. Provide consulting to maximize the video’s digital impact and reach.

Results: Individual contributions increased more than 20% following the release of the video. Revenue accrued through Facebook increased 48%.

Client testimonial: “(Five Seasons Media) has been so AMAZING to work with! (They) take (their) knowledge and compassion for people and puts it all into their business. So excited and blessed to have the opportunity to work with (them)!” – Administrating Director

National cable television network needs LIVE content

When a storm ravaged Iowa, causing billions of dollars in damage, a high-profile cable television news and weather network tapped us to provide content across their TV and social media platforms.

Problem: A high profile news and weather television network was in need of both taped and LIVE video from multiple locations that could be broadcasted to an audience that reaches millions despite unreliable cell phone signal and an internet grid that had been significantly damaged.

Scope: Broadcast seven LIVE hits from multiple different locations throughout the day. Provide taped video content that could be used across the network’s TV and social media platforms. Provide on-air talent to report from each location.

Results: A successful broadcast was delivered.

Client testimonial: “Thank you for your coverage (Five Seasons Media)! We all enjoyed working with you as well!” – Television network producer

Outdoor supply retailer struggling because of COVID

Restrictions put in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic hurt many retailers that traditionally relied on foot traffic for sales. Those who invested in their social media marketing efforts during this time often found a new source to make revenue despite the situation they found themselves in.

Problem: An outdoor supply retailer had been forced to close to their doors because of restrictions put in place by the COVID-19 pandemic, sales could only be made in-person by appointment only. Facebook had further prevented the company from taking part in their paid advertising programs because some of the items they sold allegedly did not comply with the platform’s guidelines.

Scope: Create an anchor video designed to increase sales that would use Facebook’s algorithm to grow digital engagement 100% organically.

Results: In-store sales went up around 5% in the weeks following the launch of the video.

Client testimonial: “We are extremely happy with our video (Five Seasons Media) made for our business… great to work with and very professional! We have many more ideas and hope to collaborate with him on more projects in the future.” – Company owner

Tech start-up needs newly released product put on the map

The smaller your social media following the harder it is to produce content that makes a large digital splash. This is especially true if your business is in the tech space. In this case, instead of being intimidated by what for most would have been impossible, we said “challenge accepted.”

Problem: An app developer was launching an innovative yet complex product that targeted a small demographic. Moreover, their new product’s social media following was in its infancy.

Scope: Create a geographically targeted anchor video to a niche audience and provide social media consulting services.

Results: Anchor video received nearly 19,000 views, likes, and shares. App downloads increased 1,800% in first week. Social media following tripled.

Client testimonial: “Five Seasons Media did such a fantastic job of portraying our story and helping show our mission! Our video has been getting views nonstop since we launched it! We couldn’t have thought of anyone better than a LOCAL media specialist to help us. If you are a business that needs to tell YOUR story and get your message out there, contact Five Seasons Media, you will be glad you did! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” – President of Operations

Home improvement company has small social media footprint

After a television and social media ad campaign with another firm left behind a large bill with few leads to show for it, we were tasked with bridging the gap between the company’s goals and vision.

Problem: A home improvement company was in need of a larger social media follower base and video content that potential clients would watch.

Scope: Create an anchor video explaining how their services work and provide social media consulting to maximize digital engagement.

Results: In about a week, the anchor video received more than 33,500 views, likes, and shares. In the same time period their social media following increased by more than 133%. The anchor video to date had reached nearly 44,000 people.

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