Social media isn’t designed for marketing

person holding iphone showing social networks folder

I’m going to tell you a social media marketing secret…

Social media isn’t designed for your business to market and sell your services.

There is no doubt a great social media marketing firm can help expand your reach and implement a winning strategy, HOWEVER there’s a reason you see so many major brands with large follower counts that rack up few engagements to show for it.

Facebook isn’t “dead…”

Instagram isn’t “too young…”

LinkedIn isn’t “too pay for play…”

YouTube isn’t “too complicated…”

Twitter isn’t “too Elony…”

The problem is most business generated social media content is focused on selling instead of delivering value and building what social media was designed for: peer-to-peer engagement.

Value isn’t always giveaways, buying opportunities and discounts. It’s storytelling, it’s showing your work and listening.

As ironic as it may sound, the more you create content that focuses less on using social media to grow your bottom line, the more you’ll be the center of conversation and become part of folks’ daily social media routines – building an engaged audience and increasing your bottom line.

This blog article was written by Five Seasons Media’s Chief Creative Officer, Josh Scheinblum. For questions about how Five Seasons Media can help your organization, please contact Josh via email at

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