Energy companies, it’s time to talk

Dear energy companies,

With concerns over energy prices and instability in Eastern Europe, this is your time to shine on social media. Consumers are confused, headlines are being dominated by others and your story isn’t be told in an impactful way that cuts through the noise and looks to connect with people where they are at. The time to create engaging content is now.

Some questions to ask yourself as you put together your content pipeline:

1). Who among you can move a character centered story forward, that highlights your product and/or service, in a way that’s worth consumers sharing it?

2). Is your case for delivering value best told in a short video, a photograph, reel/TikTok – perhaps a graphic in Facebook?

3). What social media platform would your story best resonate on? It’s not all of them, we promise you (but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tweaked).

And remember, don’t create an ad (no one wants to engage with an ad), tell a story.

Happy content creating 😊


Your friends at Five Seasons Media

This blog article was written by Five Seasons Media’s Chief Creative Officer, Josh Scheinblum. For questions about how Five Seasons Media can help your organization, please contact Josh via email at

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