Five ways to improve your Facebook page

Ignorance is not an excuse to have a poor social media game.

During my time as the owner of a premier social media marketing firm, Five Seasons Media, I’ve heard lots of excuses about why some businesses have actively chosen to rarely update, or neglect entirely, their Facebook page. Of all of them, “I don’t understand it” or “I don’t have the time” rank at the top.

Fortunately, all of the clients we work worth (hence why they hired us) recognize you can’t know everything, see the value in what we do as a firm, and know the relationship between Facebook and driving sales grows ever closer with each passing day. This article is not for those folks who have the maturity and business acumen to recognize sometimes it’s best to hire the professionals – wassup?   

If you’re serious about dominating on Facebook, I can’t recommend enough hiring a professional company with a track record of doing it. That said, there is no reason to have to pay someone to consult you on steps you can take on your own today to better position you for digital success down the road.  

Here are five things every business can do to put themselves on a path to a brighter Facebook future:  

1). Use high resolution images

Look at your profile photo. Is it grainy? Was it posted years ago? Shot on an old cell phone, perhaps? For prospective customers who seek you out as a business by typing in your name into their Facebook search bar, this may be their first impression of your company. While you may be a business ready to perform at the top of your game for prospective clients, a photo that looks like you’re not ready for the modern world can be a turn off. Updating your profile photo with a higher resolution image is an easy way to entice people to not just seek you out but to engage with you too.   

2). Strive to make Facebook apart of your business model  

When you’re running your own business, social media can admittedly be time consuming and feel like it is taking you away from what your primary purpose is. The good news, however, in the words of commentator Ben Shapiro, “facts don’t care about your feelings”. If you’re running a business and hope to be successful for many years to come, Facebook needs to be apart of your evolving business model. There are 2.6-billion users on Facebook, and of those, the average age of an account holder is between 25 and 35 years old, according to data from Statista. For most of these users, they grew up using Facebook, and will likely continue to use the platform for the foreseeable future. Fail to appeal to this demographic now where they’re at, on Facebook, and you may not be on the sunny side of the free market for much longer.    

3). Engage with those who engage with you

Facebook, like other social media platforms, is all about connecting people. As a business, it allows you to hear directly from customers and those considering working with you in a setting where all feel equal. If someone messages you on Facebook with a comment or concern, take the time to message them back. This will allow you to either to start building a relationship, or, build a stronger one.  

4). Put effort into your “about” section  

Your “about” section allows people to learn more about your business and the other ways in which they can connect with you. If you see a blank section on your about page, fill it in.

5). Don’t go dark. Ever.

I have nothing else to add to this suggestion. In short, imagine you’re Wilford Brimley caring for his diabetes, check your Facebook page and check it often.

Like so many problems that emerge in business, leaders need to be humble, and instead of resisting waves of change, one needs to embrace them and ride them into the future. Facebook is the future.

This blog article was written by Five Seasons Media’s Chief Creative Officer, Josh Scheinblum. For questions about how Five Seasons Media can help your organization, please contact Josh via email at

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