Social media isn’t designed for marketing

There is no doubt a great social media marketing firm can help expand your reach and implement a winning strategy, HOWEVER there’s a reason you see so many major brands with large follower counts that rack up few engagements to show for it.

Want a job in TV? Step up your social media game

When I started working in TV it was made clear if you wanted to get your next job, or even your first break, “it’s all about your reel.” The game has changed.

Five politicians (and wannabes) changing the social media game

We’ve put together a list of the top five politicians, and those who want to be one, who we think are using social media in new and innovative ways that are worth paying attention to. In short, they’re changing the political social media game so don’t be surprised if you see others attempting to replicate what they’re doing.

‘No f***head, you are not a storyteller’

If you’re running an advertising campaign, especially online, you need a storyteller to take your message and tell it in a way that compels people to engage with it. There is a simple test to know whether you are working with someone who is a storyteller. Just answer this question: do they tell stories inContinue reading “‘No f***head, you are not a storyteller’”

Five ways to improve your Facebook page

Ignorance is not an excuse to have a poor social media game. During my time as the owner of a premier social media marketing firm, Five Seasons Media, I’ve heard lots of excuses about why some businesses have actively chosen to rarely update, or neglect entirely, their Facebook page. Of all of them, “I don’tContinue reading “Five ways to improve your Facebook page”

Channel your inner mailbox

Take a good look at this mailbox:  Is this a great mailbox or the greatest of all time? As the Chief Creative Officer of a social media marketing company, Five Seasons Media, that proudly calls the “corn state” home, I feel obligated to go with the latter. If it were goat themed, however, I couldContinue reading “Channel your inner mailbox”