The top five best ‘Bernie Sanders mittens’ memes

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, one fact most Americans can agree on is President Joe Biden has begun his term in office overseeing a nation that is deeply divided. Thankfully, even when reconciliation between opposing factions appears out of reach, a social media meme showing Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sitting in winter clothing, complete with a warm pair of mittens, has gone viral. The image, which has been shared in various forms hundreds of thousands of times, is bringing people of all political stripes, if even for a moment, together for a laugh. Here are our top five favorite “Bernie Sanders mittens” memes we have seen on social media thus far.

5). ‘Bernie Sanders the MMA champion’

4). ‘Bernie Sanders the Sopranos’ family captain’

3). ‘Bernie Sanders the Jedi’

2). ‘Bernie Sanders the spot stealer’

1). ‘Bernie Sanders getting ready for 2024 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa’

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